Filtros automáticos de malla

High flow vertical hydraulic filters

High flow vertical hydraulic filters


Hydraulic-driven, self-cleaning automatic vertical screen filters for high flow are an optimum filtering solution with no external supply running.

An efficient solution for high flows with a wide range of filtering grades for larger filtering surfaces in a minimum space.

  • Filtering element: Cartridge composed of several high-quality stainless steel screen coats forming a single body that allows a high filtering efficiency. Filtering grades from 5000 to 5 microns.
  • Suction system: Screen cleaning through exclusive-design special scanner nozzles that vacuum dirt particles, triggered regarding differential pressure and/or time. The automatic cleaning cycle does not interrupt the filtering process.
  • Equipment: Filtering equipments are supplied with hydraulic start-up devices, a hydraulic valve, joints, screws, pressure gauges, an automatic cleaning timer and a differential pressure switch.
  • Materials: Filter body made of carbon steel with a treatment of sandblasting- phosphating, inner/outer electrostatic paint coats in epoxi-polyester, later polymerized in a high-temperature oven. The equipment can be manufactured from stainless steel and with special treatment for saline water purposes.
  • Modularity: Filter groups can be created.
  • Pressure features: Maximum work pressure: 10 kg/cm2. Equipments with higher pressure requirements can be also supplied only to order.
  • Adaptations: Special solutions for high-temperature installations can be also delivered.
  • Filtering process: The water flows into the filtration chamber where the filtration element is placed, a stainless steel screen cartridge that sets the filtration grade. Once there, the water flows inside out through the filtering cartridge, keeping all dirt in its inner part.
  • Self-cleaning process: When a preset differential pressure between the input and the output of the filter (normally 0,5 kg/cm2), or a predetermined period of time is reached, the scanner motion process is activated by a hydraulic system; It is a device with a set of nozzles that spin spirally, absorbing the dirt from the whole screen surface and outside expelled though the hydraulic valve. The whole system works with the same water pressure and without filtering process interruptions
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Water treatment
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Zebra Mussel
Model Max. Flow Description
FMH351 670 m3/h Hydraulic automatic vertical screen filter for high flow
FMH352 900 m3/h Hydraulic automatic vertical screen filter for high flow
FMH353 1.160 m3/h Hydraulic automatic vertical screen filter for high flow
FMH354 1.250 m3/h Hydraulic automatic vertical screen filter for high flow
FMH355 1.400 m3/h Hydraulic automatic vertical screen filter for high flow
FMH356 1.600 m3/h Hydraulic automatic vertical screen filter for high flow
FMH357 1.800 m3/h Hydraulic automatic vertical screen filter for high flow
* For other flow measures, consult

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